Concept 1: Self portrait through a collage


I did a series where I took photos of objects as a form of a self portrait shot.


Shooting items that I use through out the day as a means to present myself.

For this collage project I would combine key items of all the self portrait to through objects series I did along with an actual photo of myself.

While these are just two images I have more including morning objects, work objects, down time objects, and breakfast/eating objects for different times of the day. Each are visual representations of me.

Concept 2: Face made of comic book characters

Being a huge comic book fan, there was a cover that inspired this particular idea. The cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #700.


In the cover of issue 700 it shows numerous different images and variations of peter parker/spider-man, venom and other characters all forming one image. My idea is to take either a portrait of another character and do something similar. Instead of just doing one eye like in the cover, I’d like to do a whole face of a character using cut up images of them and others from their series.


I was thinking about using a character like deadpool



a character like Nightwing. By taking multiple pictures of him to create his logo or to create a portrait of his face


Concept 3: A brochure of the T.A.R.D.I.S and The Doctor.

Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows, I want to make a poster of a brochure showing the TARDIS and The Doctor along with the various things that make show great. The brochure will be made in a collage format, cut outs of items and photos from the show that best represent it along with quotes from the show.


the TARDIS which is what the Doctor uses to travel. Which is a key item to the show


The sonic screwdriver which is the most used item the Doctor owns. Allowing him to access and scan areas along with various other functions


the silence are amongst one of the aliens the doctor has encountered and one of my favorites

by taking more of the aliens he’s faced along with with different versions of the doctors there have been and quotes.

Concept 4: The history of video games

A collage showing the history of video games, by cutting and piecing together a time line of consoles and major times that helped shape that generations console together. Taking every home console to be released and piecing them in a time line together and taking some of my favorite games to layer over or next to them to help represent that time. By doing that not only will i give a visual representation of that era, but at the same time show a visual representation of my own life.

I grew up with video games and they’re a major part of my life and helped shape me.


similar to this

Concept 5: Collage Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorite if not my all time favorite artist. With his command of color, expressions poured through his work, the intensity of his strokes. I would love to take one of his more famous paintings such as Starry Night and turn it into a collage. Either a recreation of the painting as a collage by printing the image, chopping it up and uploading the pieces to reform. Or by making a modern day starry night by combing his classic painting with a modern photograph to fuse the two.


Another idea to add to this is too take quotes from Van Gogh that were popular and construct them over the painting. So his words are pasted over his painting to help be part of it.


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