Concept 1:

I plan on taking portrait shots I took of my father and mix them within each other, changing the faces around to make them more abstract. Like a Picasso piece with noticeable distorted faces.



for the background or texture element i want to bring in something that has shapes, I went to a farm and took some pictures


Concept 2

take a portrait of a friend such as this


which i will combine with a still life of objects i took


or another still life life such as this


by combining the two i can recreate the photo in the objects

concept 3

use a photo of a hotel room i took


along with a shot i took of a bridge


combine the textures and shapes into the figure

Concept 4: Impressionist/post impressionist portrait as opposed to a cubist portrait.

Since talking to the professor we came to terms of me doing a impressionist portrait. Cubism to me has never been appealing both in a visual and artistic sense. It’s always been one of the art genres I have never been able to find myself compelled towards. I understand what it is, what it does and its use but it still doesn’t draw me in. Taking into account the architecture, manipulation and structure none of it settles with me on a artistic level. I view cubism as being more of a gimmick and it comes across as childish to me personally. What I want to do is a portrait in a more impressionist manner.




by using one of those images and making it look more like:




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