Hyper Realism project.

Concept 1. The Block Heads.

My first concept has to do with bobble/block heads. What I am to do is take pictures of friends and family posing and alter the shape of their heads. Altering their heads to either bobble head proportions or massively enlarged box/block like shapes. Leaving their bodies and the scenery around them unchanged making their abnormal cartoon like heads seem “normal” and belonging in that world.

Alex For example this picture of my friend Alex, I want to keep his head positioned the same but make it more of a enlarged block. Instead of the normal human structure we see every day, I want to achieve a more cartoonish almost surrealist type image.

mike ( Mike) I aim to use pictures of many friends and family members and give them all that enlarged block headed effect. The goal is to have at least three to four “block heads” in a picture together and make them look as if their presence is normal and belonging.

Fisheyes I will be placing them all in this location. Under a bridge, I will however be going back to reshoot this photo with the use of a fish eye lens to take away that bubble effect on the image.

Concept 2. Animal faced society.

For this concept I thought it’ll a fun project to do a basic face swap assignment. By taking pictures of family and friends and animals, I want to switch the animals face with the humans. Making it look as if there is a species of human animal hybrids amongst us. I would want pictures of people dressing nicely with faces of animals and have “normal” people near them to show that their difference.

suit-up For example this image of my dad wearing a suit I took, I would want to take him out of the black background and incorporate our family dogs face onto his body, leaving his hands untouched.

JJ For example take my dogs face and make it blend in to look natural when placed on a human body.

wedsonfixedbackground What makes the idea of the project so funny to me would be the serious tone of the portraits being used. Using lighting to add a certain emotion in every image to make it seem like a more intensely focused image then by placing an animals face on it to bring the tone down.

Concept 3. Street Art Made.

My third concept revolves around graffiti. Something i’ve spent a bit of time photographing.The idea would be to have a person either in front of a graffiti covered wall blending in. To the point where his/her graffiti covered skin becomes somewhat like a camouflage effect. The other idea would be of a person standing while his/her clothes is made from graffiti as well as his skin.

danbeidgepose For example take a image like this and replace his skin and clothes with pieces of graffiti to make him look as if he was constructed from that street art.

half-yon Or take a image like this to use for the camouflage effect.


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