half-yonfor the first hyper project i decided to settle on this picture I took. I went with a half portrait for a couple of reasons, the two main reasons are 1) I feel it adds a certain intensity and to the subject, also as a photographer I’ve taken countless portraits so toying with the norm is always fun. The second reason is because it’ll make the graffiti skin much more natural looking and the subject harder to spot. Also the colors and design of the shirt will be a good contrast to the texture of the wall and colors of the graffiti.

mike I decided to use this other picture of mine as a background. Since the wall is displayed in a wider fashion it would be easier to take that pattern to apply it to the half portrait. I used the clone stamp tool to collect a sample of the graffiti to bring it over to the image I wanted.

half-jon-progress-hyper By using a different image for the wall since the background on the half portrait was too large, I was able to stamp the subject with the copied pattern from the second image. It’s a bit rough at the moment and I plan on looking through my other photos for more graffiti so it’ll make the subject pop out a little as opposed to just being lost within the wall. There are a few things I want to fix, such as the ear to make it look more human. I plan on leaving the facial hair untouched, by doing so I can draw the viewer out so they wont get lost in the image completely.

halfandhalf I added another subject into the frame to make it more interesting. I also changed the pattern on first subjects face. I decided to use different patterns for the beard/facial hair so that it doesn’t just look like one piece. I’m going to have to go in and blend the graffiti in more so it looks more flesh like rather than just plastered on.

jondandadhyper< I brought in a third person, to make fill in some space. having two half portraits was fine, but with a full portrait figure in the center makes the photo easier to take in.


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